COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE #1: The Interpretation of Dreams

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In 1900 Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams, a shocking piece of work in which he discovered the unconscious, the Oedipal complex, and the causes of anxiety and neurosis in repressed memories. Its impact on modern psychology is comparable to Darwin’s theory of evolution or Einstein’s relativity, as concepts like ‘the unconscious’ and ‘the ego’ infiltrated language itself and psychologists were no longer confined to psychiatric asylums.

Monkhead Theatre bring together ten of the best artists working in London to collectively adapt the classic text using a full spectrum of media. A rapid response night unprecedented in its ambition – the company of actors, writers, video artists and musicians provide a multi-sensory event that realises the experience of being ‘inside a mind’.

The theatre itself becomes consciousness. At night the repressed wishes, memories and desires banished to the unconscious (the bar outside) return to the conscious mind to roam semi-disguised in the form of dreams…

created by Chloë Myerson & Nico Pimparé

adapted by Chloë Myerson

directed by Nico Pimparé

sound and video by Josh Field

produced by Florence Bell