The Interpretation of Dreams

Written by Chloë Myerson
Directed by Nico Pimparé
Coming up in 2018

In 1900 Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams, a shocking piece of work in which he first discovered the unconscious, the oedipal complex and the cause of anxiety and neurosis in repressed memories. As the first piece of modern psychology, its impact is comparable to Darwin’s theory of evolution or Einstein’s relativity. Psychologists ceased to be confined to psychiatric asylums and concepts like ‘the unconscious’ and ‘the ego’ infiltrated language itself.

The theatre itself will be transformed into the conscious mind. At night (during the show) the repressed wishes, memories and desires banished to the unconscious (perhaps the bar outside) return to the conscious mind (the theatre) to roam semi-disguised in the form of dreams.

For this piece we’re pleased to announce a collaboration with Josh Field. Josh is a video artist, music producer and co-founder of SET. He mixes ‘hyper-real’ video, found sounds and text to create unique pieces. He is interested in collaborating with us to expand his work into three dimensions and help us realise the experience of being ‘inside a mind’.