Hamlet et Le Spectre

A site-specific piece. Paris, 29th of September 2018.

Night. Le Pecq, the western suburbs of Paris. A big empty house. It’s the very end of a party. Only a handful of people left. Marcellus sits on his own, killing a bottle of whiskey and chain-smoking. He hasn’t been feeling right recently, not since he first started seeing… it.

Shortly, he’s discovered by his friend Barnardo. But Marcellus isn’t in the mood for company. And when Horatio arrives, he knows he definitely needs to leave.

Horatio sarcastically begs him to stay, taunting him about the ‘ghost’ he’s supposedly been seeing – their friend Hamlet’s dead father. Marcellus is really starting to fucking hate Horatio these days.

Barnardo launches into an enthusiastic description of the ghost, Horatio grins and ironically plays with the piano. Marcellus glares and smokes.

Suddenly, the sound of the shutters going up. Marcellus jumps, Horatio laughs.
Then the lights go off. Horatio stops laughing.

A figure appears at the window.